Shipping & Handling

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How long does shipping take?

Saltyboos is based in Singapore! Please expect delays for international shipping, especially to the US/Canada regions.

Mail services are still suspended for certain countries- please check here for more info.


Shipping estimates:

Local (Singapore): 2-5 business days
United States/Canada/Europe/United Kingdom: 2-6 weeks
Australia/New Zealand/Oceania: 10-20 business days
Asia Pacific: 5-14 business days

Handling times:

Handling time is usually about 3-5 business days, and during peak periods, up to 10 business days. Preorder estimates will be stated in each product page.

Saltyboos is our passion project- as such, we still hold day jobs and ship orders once a week. Thank you for your support and patience! If you have an urgent order, please contact us through email or Instagram DMs @saltyboos.

How do you ship?

Standard Mail:
Standard mail is sent without a tracking number.

Tracked Mail:
Tracked mail comes with a tracking number, which will be provided to you once the order has shipped. This is the default shipping method for International orders, to reduce chances of lost mail.

Important note: Tracking updates after the parcel leaves Singapore largely depend on your local postal service. As such, not all orders will have tracking up to your doorstep. We have no control over this, but should your order take over 3 months to arrive, please contact us and we'll help open a postal enquiry.

What should I do if there is a problem with my order?

We do not offer returns or exchanges. If there is a problem with your order (e.g. a defect or missing item), please contact us!

What should I do if my parcel is returned/lost?

Returned Mail:
If your mail is returned to us due to issues like incorrect address, unpaid customs fees, or unclaimed mail, you can choose to either

1. Pay for the re-shipping fee (through PayPal/Wise/local payment modes)

2. Receive a refund on the order minus shipping fees

Lost Mail:
Please contact us if you have not received your parcel after 3 months. We will open a postal enquiry.

Refunds will take place on a case-by-case basis- if they are unable to locate the parcel and we successfully make a claim, we will refund your order (up to 68 SGD only).

Do you accept orders from the EU/UK?

Yes, we do!

If you have any worries about VAT/taxes, we recommend ordering from our Etsy store, where VAT is automatically collected. You can also order from this website, however we will not be responsible for collecting nor declaring any VAT or customs tax.

What should I do about customs fees/procedures?

We are not responsible for any customs fees that may arise from your order.

Please familiarize yourself with any customs procedures for your country. If you require any extra information to release your parcel, feel free to contact us!