Pin Grading

All enamel pins are handmade and as such, not every pin is perfect! Seconds is another term for pins with slight defects. They are still 100% wearable, and suitable for frequent outdoor use such as pinning on bags.

We will check every pin before mailing, and our grading scale is as follows:

Standard Grade (A Grade)
Flawless or near-flawless, meaning they may have one or more minor imperfections that are only noticeable upon close inspection, such as:

  • Minor scratches or dirt/dust on enamel or metal plating
  • Screenprint might overlap metal plating slightly
  • Minor air bubbles in the enamel
Seconds (B/C Grade)
Pins have one or more noticeable imperfections, such as:
  • Low/missing enamel filling
  • Screenprint overlaps the metal
  • Noticeable dirt or scratches on enamel or metal
  • Discoloured metal
  • Uneven metal
Upon purchase, it is assumed that you have read and agree to the above grading scale. If you have any questions, feel free to message us!